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Determine angle measure from two slopes?


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Is it possible to find the angle measure of two lines following y=mx+b format? I didn't think so because it is impossible to determine the slope of a vertical line, but I also could be wrong. I tried to relate two slopes to their definite angle measures. I used slopes 1 and -1 for 90 degrees, and 1 and 0 for 45 degrees. I can't find any relationship after using multiple slopes, so I don't know if there is already a way.

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Let's make a right-angled triangle with [math]y=mx+c[/math] as it's hypotenuse. If it's horizontal base is 2 units long, then it's hieght will be 2m.


Now on to some easy trig:


Factor in the sides of our triangle.





If I got that right (no garuntees) then the 2 can be replaced with whatever makes life easy.

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