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msn messenger - something wrong with mine


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hey i've just come back from holidays and my msn messenger version 7.5 wont work. my norton antivirus has just expired also. before my msn messenger wouldnt work when my norton antivirus software wasnt fully loaded. (there was something that had to load .. a productivity control list i think, and if that wasnt loaded messenger wouldnt connect). now that norton has expired, that productivity control list wont work and now messenger wont work.


is there any way to get messenger working again without using this norton security.


also is there any way to renew my norton without paying :) thanks .. :)

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We could just tell him no, you have to pay for it... nothing illegal in asking.


And I'm sure that when the Symantec products expire they still work, just you can't get updates. Maybe we've got different versions or I'm just not remembering correctly.


Either way if you are sure that Norton is blocking MSN and you can't change that without renewing Norton then you will have pay (unless you go illegal -- I spose I should say that it is not advised).


You could always opt for a free firewall/AV such as ZA (ZoneAlarm) and Avast! Home (both of which are free).


I personally think the Avast AV is better than Norton's AV, although I think that Norton's firewall is one of the best out (better than a standard ZA firewall).

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