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WANTED: Talented & Entrepreneurial-spirited developer for long term relationship

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Let me introduce myself, I'm Brian Hornung, President of Vintage Host [the company that hosts these forums].


I am looking for a talented PHP/MySQL/etc. (more languages definitely a plus) developer with an entrepreneurial spirit and a great attitude (and personality) -- preferably someone currently in college or high school -- for an initial medium sized project (paid, somewhat of a freelance job), but several profitable projects thereafter. I am looking for a long term, profitable relationship with this developer. The initial project includes, but is not limited to the following (Due to the requirement for confidentiality in all of my projects, I am not able to release specific details until you have signed a confidentiality agreement):


- Use of a MySQL database to store all information

- A login system with administrative controls

- A search system, much like the one provided

- Several necessary things within the customer login

- cannot disclose exact details

- Several Necessary things within Admin interface

- cannot disclose exact details

- A sign-up form with e-mail verification system

- Several other details that cannot be disclosed at this time


I am offering to pay you 100$ weekly until the initial project is finished, for a minimum of 3 week's time, or 300$ -- you will recieve a minimum of 300$ no matter how long the project takes to be completed, but you are not limited to earning $300 (we do not expect this to take longer than 3 weeks).


Because I am looking for a long term relationship with a developer, I have several "side-projects" -- in addition to a very large project for my web hosting company -- that I would like to work with you on (based on your performance for our initial project). Our development budget is very low, so, this is why I am looking for a developer willing to invest time and skill for a potential large payout in the future (after this initial project is completed).


My partners and myself are very fast-paced, very fair, and very fun to work with. If our contractual relationship works out, and if I like you, there is a possibility that I may offer you a percentage stake in my own company (Vintage Host) -- if you are willing and able to work with me to build a revolutionary web host (My ideas are huge, I promise you this...they just need to be developed). This is not guaranteed, but definitely a possibility.


You will be required to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or a confidentiality agreement before you are given any further details than above about any of my projects. If you have a problem with this, then please, do not apply.


And, again, to sum up what I am looking for:


- A dedicated entrepreneurial-spirited developer (PHP/MySQL/Others are a plus)

- Someone willing to work with a flexible pay schedule

- Someone in the United States

- Your first language must absolutely be English

- The closer you live to Chicago, the better


I will be hiring/choosing based on attitude, skill, and personality. Thank you for your time.



AIM: extremevintage

E-mail: brianhornung (att) vintagehost.net




Brian Hornung

President Vintage Host

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Is travel necessary to sign this NDA? Living in Texas would make things harder.


I would apply otherwise. (Not sure if my PHP skills are quite that good, but I produced a wiki software with them...)


And I'll point out that SFN is actually hosted by PowerVPS, not VintageHost.

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