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Math Porblem...


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Hi all...


I have a mass flow rate of 9800Kg/h substance through a heater. If the temperature of the substance is 0deg c and the min tem to be at 15deg c. Specific Heat Capacity: 1040 J/(kg*K)


1. how much heat do i need to apply?

2. How much power do i need to generate that heat?



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I don't know if I understand this exrecise correctly(bad linguistic skills) but maybe this can help: [math]Q=\rho*m(T_1-T_2)[/math] and [math]N=\frac{A}{t}[/math]. So, if there's 9800kg of substance flowing through in 1h, you need [math]Q=\rho*9800(15-0) J[/math] of energy(note the K's and C's, though) and you need [math]N=\frac{\rho*9800(15-0) }{3600s}W[/math] of power, which probably is constant.

[math]\rho[/math] is the Specific Heat Capacity([math]1040\frac {J}{kg*K}[/math] in this case. I'm not sure if this is what you want.

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