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Plasma Ball Aging?


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Hi everyone!


I got a small plasma ball off eBay in April. I have it on a timer so its on from about 7:00PM to midnight. Over time, I have begun to notice that it doesn't seem to be as vibrant as it used to be. Is there some component that will slowly die after awhile or after a certain amount of use, or is there something wrong with it?

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It's most likely that the high voltage source in your plasma globe is wearing out or that the frequency of the high voltage source has drifted away from some optimal point.


I once had a plasma globe that included two pots. One to select audio sensivity, the other altered the operating frequency. Yours may have the same.


If it were a problem with the leaking gas (in or out), you'd see a dramatic change in it's intensity, but what you describe is a slow change, so most likely not.

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if it`s an identical model and make, then it may suffer the same design flaw, so yes quite possibly.

a Different one may not though, I have one here that`s been in use now for over 6 years, and it`s as "good" as it ever was.

the only part that takes any real "Stress" in that cct is the drive transistor for the step-up coil, other than that, there isn`t really much active to wear out per se.

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