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A MORPG That I Think Everyone Here Will Like


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I wouldnt say that it's an MMORPG (Massively Mulitplayer Online Role Play Game) just yet, because it's still being developed, but to me, that's one of the greatest parts, because you have a chance to play a part in the development of the game, and help shape it into a better game for everyone.

The name of the game is Galactic Horde (...not the best title if you ask me...) and it's developed primarily by Melodank Productions (who also produce at least one band: Coriander)


On the Homepage (http://www.galactic-horde.com/) there are links pertaining to the backstory of GH and the manual, which is very useful to new members.


There are forums along with the game, to give another element of Role Play to the game, as well as an area to place feedback (especially suggestions) to the creators.


It is free to everyone, but there is an option to pay for a membership, which gives you access to greater power for your ship (which is referred to as an SF, and is basically your own space-station) and the ability to travel to new galaxies and fight new enemies (I have a feeling that the game is about to get very interesting in the next few weeks; Im expecting something rather large to happen soon)


I posted about it here, because I dont want this to be considered spam or anything, but it truly is a great game, and I think that the more people there are in it, the better it will get.

At any rate, I'd like to invite everyone to the game, if only just to get a feel for it (I'm somewhat addicted to it though) :D

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