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Hehe this is funny!


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I've seen this before except woman was replaced with girl and problems was replaced with evil making girls = evil lol I'll write it out in latex (just cuz I'm bored lol)


[math]\mbox{girl} = \mbox{time}*\mbox{money}[/math]

time is money

[math]\mbox{girl} = \mbox{money}^2[/math]

money is the root of all evil

[math]\mbox{girl} = \sqrt{\mbox{evil}}^2[/math]


[math]\mbox{girl} = \mbox{evil}[/math]


Nice eh? lol

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alright well this is sad that I put this much thought into this... but I've extended the proof lmao


so we know that [math] \mbox{girl } = \mbox{ evil}[/math] or more specifically [math] |\mbox{evil}| [/math].


Now absolute power corrupts absolutely...

[math]|\mbox{power}| = |\mbox{corruption}|[/math]


Corruption is evil...

[math]|\mbox{power}| = |\mbox{evil}|[/math]


And if we subsitute the equivalent of absolute evil (absolute power) we get...

[math] \mbox{girls} = |\mbox{power}|[/math]


... girls having absolute power


This of course agrees with current theorys lmao, I'd say theres a conspiracy afoot, if I was that kinda guy :D

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