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Been working 2 jobs and too busy to post for awhile. Had back surgery Thursday and am home recuperating. I think the surgery went well - sciatica is gone but incision is sore. Doc says no driving for 2 weeks - what's so bad about driving?

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Heya, nice to have you back :)


Are you still working 2 jobs? Or was that just a temporary thing?


As for no driving, docs sometimes say that due to the risk factor of driving. If you had an accident whilst you were still recovering it could be quite bad. Although I spose you did have a back op, so maybe the forces you feel whilst driving (accelerating/cornering etc.) may upset the back... somehow! Dunno, that end part was guesswork.

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Also, Doctors like to overprotect their patients. Because if you're recouping from back surgery, and you crash into something... they're gonna be afraid of a lawsuit (even if they didn't have anything to do with it.)


Also, if they gave you pain killers or something to take because of pain you may experience for a while, you shouldn't drive while on those kinds of prescriptions, as the side effects are usually bizzare. Like, a pill for sneezing now-a-days has side effects: Dry-mouth, constipation, etc...


And, HI! Welcome back!

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