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Can it create problem?


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Hello everyone,


I want to know that can smoking cause of erectile dysfunction in a men. I am habitual for smoking and my some friends tell me that sometimes smoking causes the ED problem in men. Actually I am afraid that what happen with me in future because? Is any ED drug like Viagra, Cialis etc will be helpful to get rid off from this problem? I can’t live without smoking…..:confused:

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Smoking can cause various problems. It's possible that is might cause ED, but it is more likely that it won't. As you probably know, smoking can cause a lot of serious problems other than ED. If you are worried about getting ED or other problems from smoking but you can't give it up, then you should concentrate on other healthy habits. You should exercise regularly, eat right, and reduce stress as much as possible. Somebody that does those things but still smokes a few cigarettes a day would be doing ok.

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A quick poke around the journals reveals that, while smoking has not been *definitely* shown to cause ED, there's a strong indirect evidence and ample theoretical reasons to expect such an effect a priori.


I can’t live without smoking…..


I got news for you about that: You can't live with it, either.


Seriously, just quit if you're so worried. It's the best thing you can do.



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With smoking, ED is the least of your problems. Lung cancer is a huge risk and isn't all hype; you really do get it.


So, yeah, quit smoking. You can get erections and not have to die at the hands of your own malfunctioning genes...

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