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Intelligent Design, a threat to science

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I think the rate at which well renowned scientists open their arms to the most mystical and religious theories is alarming.


There are many theories that appear not creationist on the surface, but are in reality nothing more than a way of injecting mysticism into science through the back door. This includes the latest craze of "intelligent design", see this Reuters article. The proponents of this theory argue that it is a way to find common ground between religion and science, since it argues that some species have evolved while others are so complex they must have been Created. The theory is rapidly gaining foothold in the scientific community, for instance the Smithsonian Institute recently accepted it as a valid theory.


Conscientous scientists have to militate constantly against all this resurgent rubbish. We live in the 21st century, not the 11th. You can't let down your guard like far too many scientists have done. The fundamentalists come with all sorts of arguments about how science must "meet up" with religion since there is a divide between the religious masses and the scientific "elite". The solution to that problem is not to lower science to the level of the religious masses (thereby making it not science at all), but to raise the masses to the level of science! The prime way to do that is for science to enter into a life and death struggle with Creationism and not rest until all of its incarnations have been wiped from the face of the earth. The religious fundamentalists are permanently aggressive, like a tiger that knows what it wants. In comparison scientists are like a retarded little lamb, and give away their ground without a fight. First you accept that God created "certain species", because they are "too complex" to have developed through natural evolution, and then the door is wide open for more and more creationism until you accept that the Book of Genesis is taught at universities. Intelligent design is a transitional stage towards pulling the whole of science into the creationist swamp.

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... The prime way to do that is for science to enter into a life and death struggle with Creationism and not rest until all of its incarnations have been wiped from the face of the earth[/b']....


Are you from Iran? :) gotta love the irony!


Don't worry, if the creationist and thier Ilk win, this country will go down the waste bin faster than it is currently. Then the rest of the world just needs to disarm our WMD's and go about their business.

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I don't really think that theory is going to get a strong foothold in the scientific community. Most scientists are smart enough to understand that ID and creationism are both pathetic. They know that many branches and fields within science support evolution.


I also think that this court case between evolution and id well probably not effect much. If id wins then it will only be "mentioned" at the begining of 9th grade biology for that school. At the most the decision of the judge may just motivate one side to win a eventual case at the supreme court level.


I just hope the Supreme Court doesn't rule on the case a couple of months from now....with that soon to be conservative edge they would probably extend id's presense in a classroom


I don't want to see this problem getting out of the public schools and inot the universities... I don't think it will.


Well in the case of universities i don't think that will happen. In private colleges where gov. can't influence the decision i don't think id well ever be taught. Or if it will, maybe in a non-science class.


Colleges and universities won't follow id seeing as how most of them have classes that are called evolutionary biology or have a huge evolution presnse in the class.

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Is there more atheists or theists in the world? I don't know, but I was watching the news a few days ago at work. It was only local news, but it was talking about evangelical christians. The problem with religion and science is that religion tries to pry around inside of science. It is a problem that science and religion exist on the same playing field. I compare it to how abe lincoln once said that a country divided can not stand. Well, here we have a WORLD divided! There is much debate between creationism and science, and why does it exist? Because religion just feels it has to exist. The thing about the evangelical christians was the newsman said, "so, what plans does this group have for faith and politics?" And in my chest a hole was sank. There might be creationists trying to control the things that me and everyone else does. The state divides the line between politics and religion very generously to religion. Like when it says that religion can not be taught in school. That is wrong. Because religion is just some ancient hypothesis that stuborn people can't seem to drop. It is like a group of atheists is trying to debate it and religion. The atheists provide good points of views and proofs against theism. And then the theists are asked to reply, and what they choose to do is wait until the debate is over, asking for more time. Then they can 'ignore' what was said about them. Religion should be allowed to be debated in school. Why can't it? Personally, I think the government finds religion too important to give up. Well, all the government is is a group of millions of people who decide what the rest of us do. They need to get that things are alot more long term. Here is what I mean.


Short term: Gasoline prices are very low for the next hundred years because of the vast supply there is currently. Then when the current supply drops, the prices change out of control and throws the economy a curve ball and it loses balance.


Long term: Gasoline prices are a lot more expensive for the next hundred years even though the supply is vast. It may suck for consumers, but they will be wise not to waste the gas they buy on needless things. It reduces pollution, consumption of fossil fuel, and gasoline is able to last for a much longer time, as well as the human race.


Now put religion in these bounds.


Short term: Religion offers fargone people like alcoholics or drugatics or homeless a purpose in life. But then religion goes out of control, causing wars and violence all in the name of god. Then it divides the world even worse then it is now. And we find ourselves at the brink of extinction.


Long term: The government eliminates religion. The extremists feel they have lost their purpose in life, and my guess is that there will be suicides or killings. However, as time progresses, the world sees absolute reason, and feels rediculous for how they had once thought. Then it turns to complete science. We could solve a world problem every single day. Cancer, overpopulation, agricultural and hunger problems, expanding into space, figuring out how the earth and universe came about, understanding how the brain and life works, etc... The world is held together by one absolute religion, and wars become pointless.


This is what I think and there will be others who think religion holds the world together. But there will need to be a change in the world in the next few years, because we are about to be FLOODED with problems, and all the while people will turn to god to help them. But if they were atheists, they would realize that the only thing that will help the world is themselves, so they have to throw in their helping hand as well.

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