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Impact Of Gene Cloning


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Hi i was wondering if anyone kud tell me the implications of gene cloning in general ive been searching for days!!!!! googles not kumn thru 4 me ths tym :rolleyes: yea just social or economical, ethical, biological or environmental implications. i know this is a broad question but just a few key implications n e body can think of.

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gene cloning can be good and bad


good because without gene cloning technologies we probably have a heck of time trying to figure out functions, structure, etc.


bad because cloning process most definitely can introduce mutation..some will tell you that these technology can turn people into Dr. frankenstein who will try to create some sort of superhero:)...all these can certainly raise ethical debates...in respect to economical implication...may be money for technological advancement....environment...hmm..well cloning can involve use of bacterial organisms..which will need to properly disposed off..if mutation are introduced during the process you don't that to be exposed to environment either...etc etc.

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