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Will video download take off?


Will video download services be popular (take off)?  

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  1. 1. Will video download services be popular (take off)?

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With Apple's announcement of the video iPod yesterday (and subsequent explosion of stock value), I thought it might be interesting to run a little poll on whether people think that video download service (e.g. paying $1.99 to download last night's episode of "Lost") will take off.


Before deciding, you may want to read this interesting analysis by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and the HD Net network (an ardent blogger). He points out a number of potential benefits of this kind of service that are not immediately obvious, such as long-term availability of low-popularity (but existing fan-base) shows (ala Firefly), and that it provides an entirely new revenue stream for the networks. Fascinating stuff.



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If I wasn't poor, I'd buy it. I don't have cable, and every so often something comes on cable that I wish I could see.


Also, wouldn't this open massive distribution possibilities to anyone with a camera, in effect meaning that you don't need networks or anything, just customers?



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That's an interesting point. Video podcasts are already taking off, so that would seem to support your point. I even caught an amateur Star Trek movie, complete with fancy special effects, posted out of Europe the other day.


A New Age of Media is upon us, I suspect.

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I think this will take off, it will also help when bandwidth hits a level where you can watch streaming on demand HDTV by accessing an stored file, instead of accessing a digital stream in progress to get live media (how digital cable is now).


With the increase of consumer technologies that make skipping commercials even easier, I think a pay to view service may become pretty pervasive. The question then will be...how will we ever know what plastic bobble head toys McDonalds is giving away with their happy meals?


Now that I think of it...the future could be a very bright place :)

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