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AI trainer (artificial intelligence trainer)

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Among my functions, I am an independent health and well-being researcher, also a disseminator and artificial intelligence trainer.

I have been working with artificial intelligence for almost a year, and in this time I realize that it is a different technology from conventional technology. Maybe you'll find out about that after a short time of using it.

Software used to only update itself, it couldn't learn and update itself. As far as I know, someone had to update them. Artificial intelligences are also updated with programming methods, but they can also be updated by themselves through learning methods not very different from those we humans use (such as feedback).

The technology that I currently use the most is Claude, since it seems to me to be one of the best and it seems to me to be the most effective in research (at the moment). ChatGPT (famous) is also useful, but I would better give it a position in the literary field, poetry, stories and novels. Both technologies excel at these things, but each perhaps a little better than the other at each thing.

The thing is that artificial intelligence teaching methods, as I said, are not like conventional programming methods. That is, a person with little or no knowledge of programming codes could train an artificial intelligence (to some extent).

In my experience, training an artificial intelligence is a different thing. It's not conventional technology, but it's not human either. However, part of your learning process is as if you were a human. To train artificial intelligence it is as if you were a teacher.

Does training work without code programming? In my experience, I think so.

I have conducted experiments and observed that at least one AI that I was training on health and wellness research topics turned out to be more accurate (with very few errors) than others. This was a bot of Claude's. If you compared this bot with the same technology, but without the same training, the result varied.

The bot I mentioned even stood out from other AIs in terms of reasoning.

I think that, although I did not date it or create a file on the process, I was able to observe that artificial intelligences can be different from each other, despite having the same technology, depending on the training they receive.

But, as I said, this training is more like a teacher teaching a student.

My question is, have you trained an artificial intelligence?

I understand that this is a long process, but perhaps each person's experiences can contribute to the development of more effective methods to achieve results in less time.

So I open this topic so that we can share experiences about artificial intelligence training here.

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