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video violations (from Your thoughts on Islam?)


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Dear readers, if Islam is what they say,
 why is there all this attack on Islam and the waste of the Muslim’s right to respond in any way and give the reader an opportunity to decide for himself the right path?

Why do he keep you away, laugh, and belittle your minds the church’s paid mercenaries, for they are employees who keep you away from the truth


their families, daughters and sons convert to Islam every day

God says in the Qur’an

9:32 They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah refuses except to perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.

Abridged Explanation of the Quran
The disbelievers from all the various religious groups who disbelieve by making up wrong beliefs and rejecting Muhammad ( peace and blessings be upon him ), wish to eradicate Islam.

So they undermine the clear proofs establishing that there is only one God and that His Messenger has brought the truth.
However, Allah will not allow anything to stop His sacred path being perfected and being made clear.

He will raise His Religion above everything else, even if the disbelievers hate that, and if Allah wills something, others are powerless to prevent it.






God is God (the Father)

Jesus is a prophet of God, not a god, and is not equal to God

The Holy Spirit is the angel Gabriel, peace be upon him, transmitting revelation from God (the Father) to the prophets


A person who is arrogant and denies the existence of God (the Father)

I tell him, God gave you your life when you die and your soul leaves your body
Can you, poor, weak person, return your soul to your body and life?!


You need to know that you are nothing without God's grace

  And you must adhere to good manners with God


 Scientific Proof for an Atheist on Existence of God - Dr Zakir Naik youtube


Christ rejects Christians on the Day of Judgment! ...Hashem with a Christian woman in the speakers’ corner youtube






The pastor converted his entire church to Islam  youtube









 Islam is a comprehensive way of life to guide humanity and solve its problems

As well as the mercy of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, to people, whether friends or enemies

  Whereas other systems have failed to solve humanity's problems

Because the laws and laws of the Creator of humans have no flaws
But human laws and laws have flaws

No matter how long it takes, God's religion remains and humans go

I advise them to study the tolerant Islam


 Islam is a comprehensive way of life

By eating, sleeping and praying, taking a bath and making transactions between people

Religion is not just a ritual

Pray and then go out to lie and drink alcohol and lack of hygiene and adultery

Like other religions
most christians dont even follow their own faith, they just carry it as a sort of "name" in their ID card or on their facebook status

becoming a muslim, means to "give in to GOD and to honor and obey

There are many people, by the grace of Allah, who have converted to Islam
They left alcohol, gambling, usury and drugs

But before they converted to Islam, they couldn't leave all of these things

Doctors could not cure their addiction because they returned to addiction every time
Prisons couldn't keep them away from drugs

And all the other religions or systems could not help them

Islam, by the grace of God, is a way to protect and protect these people from bad things

There are many examples of converts to Islam, relatives and friends in society

You will be surprised to change their behavior for the better

Islamic religion is really the right religion


لماذا تستنجون بورق المرحاض وليس بالماء؟ - حوار منصور مع ملحدين youtube   
Why do you use toilet paper and not water? Mansour's dialogue with atheists  in the speakers’ corner  youtube

Dr.Zakir Naik - Islam The Solution For Problems of Mankind (Full  youtube


فتاة بريطانية تسافر مسافة طويلة لتسأل حمزة عن الإسلام في نهاية رائعة


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3 hours ago, eninn said:

why is there all this attack on Islam and the waste of the Muslim’s right to respond in any way and give the reader an opportunity to decide for himself the right path?


Moderator Note

Requiring that people follow the rules is not an attack on Islam. This is not a government site; nothing here has anything to do with your rights.

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