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I like the hacker one most... nice find.


Try running an image search for "i is teh h4ck3r" on the google-hacker thingy and you end up with:


j00|2 534|2(|-| - i is teh h4ck3r - c|1c| |\|07 |\/|4+(|-| 4|\|y c|0(V|\/|3|\|+5. 5|-|17!!!!



- c0m3 0n D0od ch3ck y0ur 5p311i|\|g!

- 7ry diff3r3|\|7 k3y\/\/0rd3|\|

- 7ry |\/|0r3 g3|\|3r41 k3y\/\/0rd3|\|

- 7ry f3\/\/3r k3y\/\/0rd3|\|


The standard

"Make sure all words are spelled correctly."

is replaced with

"c0m3 0n D0od ch3ck y0ur 5p311i|\|g!"


I like it!

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Us0r 7h3 G00Gl3 1n73rf4c3 1n Y3r |_4|\|gU4g3


and then a list see here:



well how am I meant to select a language in there!?! I can't even read some of it!


I mean, what's £¡ñ64|4 ??


Just found bork, bork, bork language option:



And then some more text in that language:


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Yuoor seerch - i am teh h4ck3rs - deed nut metch uny ducooments. Um gesh dee bork, bork!



- Meke-a soore-a ell vurds ere-a spelled currectly. Bork bork bork!

- Try deefffferent keyvurds. Um gesh dee bork, bork!

- Try mure-a generel keyvurds. Um gesh dee bork, bork!

- Try fooer keyvurds. Um gesh dee bork, bork!


Borkborkbork is best surely! Oddly enough I discovered them just before I found this post, and I didn't search... weird.

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I would like to know who uses the Klingon language. Actually...I would like to know who MADE that part of google. I suppose some of the people who do the site are uber nerds and have to much time on their hands?



actually, if you have a gmail account you can help google translate their programs. https://services.google.com/tc/Welcome.html

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