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I started playing D&D about a month and a half ago. Its pretty fun. Does anyone here play? If so, tell me where your from and what campaign & etc.


Second, I started playing MTG yesterday. It's also pretty fun. If you play, please give me your information. And if you play MTG:Online, give me your username so we can play!



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The online is pretty cool. Some people think its a rip off.


Heres how it works basically:


You buy online boosters and decks and packs, and once you amass the whole cards for a set (usually 350), they send you the RL card version of it. IDK, some like it, some don't. But online play is pretty fun. I still like RL better though. FNM is great, and I'm new to MTG. :-0

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I used to go on so many dates, see movies, and have a social life that I never had time be such a nerd. ;)



Well, I have a Girlfriend, go out with her, go to work, study, enjoy MTG & D & D.


I hope you aren't implying that one can't have a social life and be a nerd.


I'm not a nerd, I just hate that little cliche`. :)


Anyhow, nerds do have social lifes, with other nerds. They go out and play and read and do nerdy things together. And they congregate and socialize with others "nerds".


Having a "social life" doesn't only mean going to nightclubs and getting laid every other day, and living at a bar. I just want to clear that out, as someone who has done all of the above.



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Soem people like them, some don't. Also, having good players and good people running the game *really* helps. I've played some crappy games with bad GMs or bad players, and I've played some games that were nothing short of wonderful, to the point that the primary character I used in that game is easily the greatest creative feat I've made (one of the players even refered to that char as basically my muse).


If it's not for you, fine. But to casually dismiss it and seek to piss in everyone's cornflakes is annoying and petty.



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