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X-ray of an atom


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"Here," write an international team led by physicist Tolulope Ajayi of Ohio University and Argonne National Laboratory in the US, "we show that X-rays can be used to characterize the elemental and chemical state of just one atom."


There is a lot I don't understand here but I did find the news very exciting and wanted to share.

The scientists are using synchrotron x-rays. A process of accelerating electrons in a circular path to make them glow with light. They are also using a technique called scanning tunneling microscopy which takes advantage of quantum tunneling and may lead to better understanding of that phenomenon. Hence my excitement 🙂

This all according to my understanding of the article.

Either of which (the article or my understanding) could well be flawed. Any corrections and or comment will ofc be appreciated!

The paper is behind a fairly pricey paywall.


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