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Need help on "Optical Fibres"


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Hey, can u guys help me answer a few of these questions?


A. How fibre optics are capable of transferring information in the form of laser light pulses


B. How laser light pulses are then converted to digital signals for audio, video or computer data


C. The advantages of this form of long distance information transfer.


Can you also give me a few websites that I can look through myself?



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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_internal_reflection This deals with the way the light travels. The signal carrying the information can be fed to an electronic switch like a transistor. I suggest you look up the way transistors are used and why. That will then turn the source (laser etc.) on and off at the same time as the signal. http://www.datacottage.com/nch/fibre.htm advantages of optic fibre.
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