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Peptide skin signalling regeneration


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In case anybody didn't catch the article in the British Telegraph newspaper, there was an advertorial piece from Boots for a marketable product off the cumulative back of fifteen years of research, that eventually could lead to the body sending signals to the skin to trigger scarred tissue to regenerate.

It all goes above my head, but after five peer reviewed articles, throughout fifteen cumulative years of research into such matters, their research has the attention of Honorary Research Associate at the University of Manchester (and Senior Bioinformatics data scientist at Wellome Sanger institute) one Dr Matiss Ozols.

Apparently hinging on synthesising peptide combinations (pal-GPKG and pal-LSVD) the serum seems to promise what the likes of more invasive technology offers e.g. laser treatment.

I would like to know if laser treatment can rid visible scars from skin and whether this peptide combo idea can actually work ?



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