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Are tests Accurate


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the problem is, they give the 'tests' to every individual. Because someone doesn't catch on--or work well--with standardized test, doesn't mean he/she is stupid. A very interesting case is a friend of mine. He reads all the time and is a genius when it comes to politics. He has never been able to pull up a passing grade on the reading sections of some standardized tests. Hm?


The basic problem is generalizing. Most tests are to determine your skill level for entry to college. Some of the most exceling students in school usually obtain high grades on these tests, while the average students ( a select few) can get even higher, and even the highest, grades on standardized tests. This almost nearly proves that high school (or some of them) is a social learning experience. A student's interaction in school has a direct affect on his/her learning and fundamentally their grades, which are the only thing most people, including colleges look at.


Let's not forget that the majority of geniuses had little social skills and almost always had no success in high school, including tests.


But for the average student, there is really nothing that can be more fair. Average=standardized.

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