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use the search function and look for posts by Sayo about the matrix movies

Okay, here are some quotes I found that reflect my opinions quite well:

Put it this way: if I'd started the thread, it would be called "your least hated and reviled Matrix instalment".
As for philosophy and religion, yes - I agree they were "thrown in". With reckless abandon and a complete disregard for the individual or historical significances.
How is "Matrix" art?
Yes, I agree that there is philosophy in the Matrix. But two things:

(1) While a lot of it is open to personal interpretation, eventually all philosophy has to hit common axioms that by definition cannot be arbitrarily discarded wherever convenient.

(2) What gets on people's tits is that it's cut and pasted from other sources, and completely unoriginal, while lauded about as being fresh and ground-breaking (which it clearly is not).


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SciFi, Thriller and Action movies. Some of the best ones I've seen are Aliens, War of the Worlds (althought the ending was a bit to abrupt), and a lot of Arnold Schwazzeneger's old movies like True Lies. Oh yea, I seem to like Cillian Murphy's movies a lot, including Batman Begins, Red Eye and 28 days later.

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I would come closest to SorceressPol in my tastes, except it's a little broader than that. I don't really like movies at all, when I watch it's either because

a) it's a damned good movie (usually comedy, anime or really scary stuff, but scary)

or b) I have good company, which is most of the time, although I'm getting to like more and more movies as time goes by

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