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Mendal's Experiment

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I'm having a little trouble figuring this out, can anybody help me understand how to do this?


If A is dominant to a, in the cross between Aa x aa, what percentage of individuals will have the A phenotype? What are all the possible genotypes?



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When I do the punnett square I get that 50% would have the dominant A phenotype and the possible genotypes would be Aa, aa, Aa, aa. Is this correct? I don't want the answer if it's not, I will just run through the steps again. Thanks

Good. I didn't mean to sound harsh before. Only one way to learn.....

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You weren't being harsh, you just wanted me to do it on my own. I completely understand. I'm sure there are many people that come to this site just to get an answer. I just need help because I'm not that knowledgable in science and I just need some guidence once in awhile. Thanks again!

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