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One of my friends has a PSP that he connects to the Internet with at my school. To be frank, he has no idea what the hell he’s doing. He calls it hacking, “the PSP can get onto any kind of network; it will hack anything” he’ll say “on some networks you have to try a couple times but the firewall will eventually break, no matter how powerful.” I hear all kinds of people talk about hacking or computers, like they’re proud to know an elementary level piece of information and then try to sound like they know what they’re talking about.


The reason his PSP will connect to our network is because the router wont ask for a password to jump on. Anybody can connect to the network. In fact, the public computer are set up with the purpose to only allow authorized users over the network yet it’s very easy to use them differently. Log on locally as administrator or if that doesn’t work, unplug the ethernet cable, and create a local account to use. Most admin are really dumb, especially if safe mode isn’t password protected (du)!


But then again, so are most computer users.


Hacking is using a system in ways which a normal user might not think of. Many think, even beyond “start this program and it’ll hack AIM,” that hacking is all about gaining “unauthorized access” to a computer and that it’s all about breaking the law. These three myths can’t be further from the truth. It may not be legal in all cases, yes, but this is far from what hacking is about. Knowledge is power. Hacking is about knowledge, curiosity, learning how a computer does something.


Most people that go online to learn how to hack will run into people called lamers. They talk “in numbers” and generally refuse to tell these newbies anything at all. Anybody can download a script kiddie and “exploit” a computer running Windows. This is nothing to be proud of. Some 60% of workers have intentionally tried to download a virus before. A cracker is somebody that breaks into computers just to **** them up. This is what Hollywood portrays it as, a crime.


We all know that at school, at work, in libraries, there is Internet censorship. Blocked websites with valuable information or online games. How do you think this is accomplished? A filter, maybe? Like a firewall or proxy? If it sees “adictingames,com”or the accompanying IP address on the blocklist then it won’t let you through, simple as that.


The way PHProxy works is simple. From my computer, which is not blocked, it requests the website you want to go to, alters the links to link back through the proxy (so you don’t accidentally go off the server), and then sends that data to your computer. When the firewall sees it, it checks out ok even though it originally came from a blocked website. Think outside the box, it’s obvious. For those of you that know a little more about computers, there are other proxies that you can put in your connection settings that’ll do the same thing. The PHProxy doesn’t always display data correctly because the HTML has to be modified. You may have used proxies in the past to “hide” your IP address, but it works for both ends.


Like I said above, any lamer can walk up to a computer and create a boot file or delete a computer’s license key. Anybody can use my website to brag about how they can hack censorship at their school. In fact, anybody can download the script and put it on their own site! If you want to look cool to your friends, all you have to do is open up a shell and type a few whois, tracert, or telent over a mail server. They’ll think you’re some kind of genius. Is that all you want? But to anybody who knows anything at all about computers, these kind of people are lame. This is why I wrote this, a rant about wanabe and even pretend illegal computer crackers.


I don’t claim to be a hacker. I don’t even know as much as most people generally think I do. What I do know comes from curiosity and general experience. After all, with knowledge comes the ability to hack. Learning about hacking takes a lot of time and requires a lot of reading and studying. If you’re proud because you can connect to your neighbor’s wireless network then you’re being immature. You’ll seem smarter if you go over and secure the router then you will trying to impress your friends.


If I had to write a paper about hacking for English, my thesis would be this. With knowledge comes the ability of hacking. For example, SSI has the ability to retrieve files and execute Unix commands. I wonder, what could you do with that kind of information? Say that a website has different color schemes dependent on a PHP GET variable, ?s=blue and two SSI includes for bluetop.html and bluebottom.html, ie


[ index.php?s=blue ]

<!--#include file=”bluetop.html” -->

Document content

<!--#include file=”bluebottom.html” -->


If you have experience with PHP then what’s called code injection wouldn’t come as a surprise. The programmer may be doing something like this,


<!--#include file=”<?php echo $_GET[‘s’]; >?top.html” -->


You probably wont be lucky enough to find a website that actually does this because it has a very obvious security exploit. Make ?s=index.php” -->go ahead and write a nasty SSI script. Even if it’s using CGI or something else, by already knowing how to program in PHP, you’d have a general idea of what’s going on behind it all. Somebody who doesn’t know SSI or anything about programming would not be able to do this.


This is why, if you’re not a coder, you’re not a hacker. There are plenty of online tutorials and books you can pick up. Just have a general idea of the syntax used, especially perl, c, and javascript. General information, like CGI will dump anything over 1024 bytes. No cut and past script kiddies, only knowledge. A lamer is limited by examples given in howto articles, a real hacker is only limited by his knowledge and ability to research. Real hackers don’t lame about how they can brows the Internet w/ their PSP.


Stop pretending.


If you’re already playing with Linux, know a programming language, and are curious about hacking, go buy some books. The “learn to hack” books are a wast of time. Get one on XP, Unix, or encryption. Teach yourself how to secure a router.

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Most people that go online to learn how to hack will run into people called lamers. They talk “in numbers” and generally refuse to tell these newbies anything at all. Anybody can download a script kiddie and “exploit” a computer running Windows. This is nothing to be proud of. Some 60% of workers have intentionally tried to download a virus before. A cracker is somebody that breaks into computers just to **** them up. This is what Hollywood portrays it as' date=' a crime.



Confusing ?? what was the purpose of your post??


Lamers talk in numbers?.....no we dont(we talk normal).We do refuse to instruct noobs (nobody has the time nor the inclination to teach laypersons)... for several reasons,


They wouldnt understand anything told!! language and coding isnt for the layperson so is pointless.Most newbies (countless experience of) hit your forums and sites with the sole intent to solicite info on malicious script and destructive exe's.



Just how irrisponsible do you think hackers/crackers are?


You obviously "dont get it"...... what its all about or what drives people doing it.


My only beef here is your statement in bold!! way off the mark,bang out of order and insulting.This is not what a cracker does !! believe me friend


TBH the only interest i or my friends may have in your pc my friend, is to steal your home made porn and your login details for paysites...which we distribute among ourselves... counter productive to damage our potential suppliers pc dont you think?:-(


I was going to post a link to our site.....but im not

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I believe newtonian is being sarchastic. If he is not, he is a complete moron.


Crackers break into computers illegally. They break the law. Therefore they are criminals. And, some of the times they cause damage to the owner and computer.


Crackers are bad, and immature. Period.


Take you and your 2600 kiddies somewhere else.

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Oh I know very well what a cracker is, and what a hacker is. Contrary to most people belief and media definitions.


A cracker is someone who


A) learned the in's and out's of network, or computer system and can break into it.


B) someone who without permission breaks into a system, which is a crime.


c) some of the times the cracker does nothing, sometimes he steals, or causes damage, or just laughs at how weak the security was, BUT, nonetheless illegally gaining access to systems that do not belong to them.



On the other hand, a hacker is


A) Someone who learned the in's and out's of computer programming, and many times also, computer networks and security.


B) someone who particpates in the open-source community and helps further open source software


C) someone who breaks into systems that are set up to be broken into, for the purpose of eduaction and system security auditing.


D) a hacker is not a 12 year old kid with subseven, or a 30 year old who looks for buffer overflows in systems just so he can illegaly enter the system.


These are the definitions of both terms.

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I was really flaming these lamers. Not necisarily the lamers in IRC that talk all gay (h4ck0d), but idiots that think they know something but actually don't.


I agree w/ JPQuiceno about my "bolded" statement with the exception that most hacking is in fact illegal. The diference is that a hacker isn't really doing anything wrong. Only a cracker would steal passwords for paysites.


Again, what I honestly think seperates lamers from hackers is simple.


The ability to hack comes with knowlege. A lamer reads howto articles and goes around using script kiddies. Still others lamers don't know anything, at all, yet incist they do.


This conversation is actually pretty immature.

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