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Which OMICS technology would be easier to produce a presentation on

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I have a piece of work to do where I must choose 1 out of 5 OMICS technology platforms (Genomics / Transcriptomics / Proteomics / Lipidomics / Metabolomics) and produce a presentation on a novel idea which utlises the technology to address the following problem:

"A food company is experiencing issues with post-harvest quality of their products (fruit, vegetables and/or seafood). The issue arises from the accumulation of black/brown pigments, which causes gross discolouration and leads to the accumulation of wastes. Due to negative consumer perceptions, the affected products are rejected and devalued, thereby leading to significant financial losses. The food company are looking to invest in, and apply an OMICS-related platform to tackle their current issues with post-harvest quality. What are the potential causes of discolouration? Can we develop a solution? Prospective representatives are invited to ‘pitch’ their technology (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, lipidomics or metabolomics). As a company, we are focussed on value for money and delivering safe, nutritious products."

The instructions are:

you will focus on one of the following OMICS technology platforms: Genomics / Transcriptomics / Proteomics / Lipidomics / Metabolomics Prepare a presentation of 10 mins on a novel idea developed in your group that utilizes the technology to address the problem described above. Each group member should present one of the following points in the presentation:

1) Give a broader introduction to the technology
2) Provide a brief background to the problem that you addressing with the help of the technology
3) Describe the solution to the problem that you addressing with the help of the technology
4) Clarify in details the steps required to develop that solution
5) Provide a summary and outlook to the broader impact of this solution and/or the technology

I have already started looking into Metabolomics, and i've made an introduction slide, but I am wondering if one of the other technologies might be easier to present.

Any suggestions are much appreciated :)

Also any suggestions on how to structure something like this would also be greatly appreciated. This coursework is meant for 5 people, I am doing it on my own alongside a huge workload, so I am trying to get all the help I can get  Smiling Face with Open Mouth

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