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Which nearly pure minerals are more abundant ?


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according to one of my data books, the composition of the Earth is Oxygen 46.6%, Silicon 27.7%, Aluminium 8.1% and so on...


for our sea water it`s : Oxygen 85.7%, Hdrogen 10.8%, Chlorine 1.90%, Sodium 1.10% and so on...


so based on that, Sand (silicon dioxide) would seem to be the most abundant mineral, and oxides of aluminium and Iron before Sodium Chloride would be.

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silicates of calcium, aluminum, magnesium and iron are very common


carbonates of magnesium and calcium are also common, but often are in mixes (dolomite). ferric carbonate is common


sulfates (hydrates and anhydrous) of calcium, barium and strontium are common


chlorides of calcium, sodium and potassium and ammonium are common


calcium fluoride


a number of oxides can be found- ferric, ferrous, titanium (IV), etc


FeS2, plumbous sulfide, etc


calcium phosphate

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Thanks, gentlemen.


From the responses above, the list of reasonably pure abundant natural soils could be:








Silicates of calcium

Silicates of aluminum

Silicates of magnesium

Silicates of iron

Sulfates of calcium

Sulfates of barium

Sulfates of strontium

Chlorides of calcium

Chlorides of sodium

Chlorides of potassium

Chlorides of ammonium

Calcium fluoride

Nitrate of ammonium

Nitrate of potassium


Now, here is where you, skilled guys, come to play:

Using any of the above, or more than one, plus heat plus any other requiered compound if needed, what mineral fuel can you come up with ?

Example: Coal + lime + heat = calcium carbide -yields acetylene fuel-


Let's get rid of petroleum, yes ? :rolleyes:


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