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Ophelia - are you coming to see me?


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She's just spinning of FL right now, but historically, hurricanes that are where she is now in the fall, often head north over the Carolinas and then hit SE Virginia. The OBX (outer banks) usually takes the punch out of them - I think this will be one to watch. Thought I'd post here so we can keep track of what it does.


Maybe we can also keep up with the preparedness.


I am on the peninsula that is bounded on the north by the York River and on the south by the James River, the only suitable evacutation route is I64 through Richmond and it clogs up in a hurry.


Anyway - there's no urgency right now - but anyone who is in the potential strike zone might stay in touch here, as we watch what develops.

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From accuweather:



See the red line - it is just barely to the east of Yorktown. Our local weather man says if it crosses the OBX and stays over the sounds, it will not weaken and we will get the full brunt.


Hopefully, it will not be over a cat 1 if it hits, but we took a direct hit from Isabel in 2003. Many low lying areas were flooded out, people are just getting out of FEMA trailers and into their homes. Literally thousands of trees were downed.


The next question is, if it does hit, how much help are we going to be able to get with everyone down south?


If I can keep my motorhome in a safe place - (it worked with Isabel, slideout rolled in and parked tight up against big building) I have a tank full of water, a tank full of propane, and a generator, and I will be in high cotton. I'm on high ground so flooding shouldn't be a problem.


I expect I will be pretty busy the next couple of days - wish me luck.

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