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High frequency radio fore global warming.


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Oygenation? CO2 splitting? 

High frequency terra to exo hz.


The signal fore exo Hz. Is internally modulated by B ch. Only A ch need to be transmit. Fore 10 m band. A ch 29.620 MHz Fore instance a repeater frequency. Of 29.620 MHz. B ch 29.619 999 999 912/917 MHz. Both squares or same wave and volt. If you set it to A 27 MHz or 29 MHz . The setting B will be 26.999 999 999 912/917. Or 28.999 999 999 912/915 MHz. Range effects not tested. Oxygenation through observed combustion enhancing oxygen. Easaly seen. CO2? Question if it releases
oxygen or just makes it more active by vibration.

My feeling is relatively low range and splitting capability. Maybe of CO2. Probably of H2O. Worth testing fore you.

A ch 29.660 MHz square. B 29.659 870 MHz square. Modulation ch2. Maximum bursts. A and B on. A ch connected to antenna. Red clip all in on center. Black full in on drawn back screen. All clipped on the PL 259 or other. OXYGEN ENHANCING. YOU WILL BREATHE.Makes a terra Hz pulse with base frequency. Possibly the relativistic terra Hz speed catching the base frequency square to generate gamma x-ray etc. In reference to magnetic pole shift and oxygen.


High frequency radio.

What about this trick fore oxygenation? CO2 H2O splitting?


2 chs each triangle. A ch 30 MHz. B at 29.999.9 MHz. Through each there own amp. Joined together to 30/27 MHz antenna. Test 10 plus 10 watt range. Oxygen. One 30 Mhz triangel. At the same time a slide of B 10 times pr second. B passes A. When slightly apart. A triangel terra hz pulse. Relativisticly speed moving through already transmit 30 Mhz triangels. Also gamma ar first instance of off fase. Radiolysis. Oxygen. Co2 effect?


7 MHz square. Two ch s. A ch 7 MHz square. B ch 6.999 91 MHz square. Combined with equal length wires to antenna. Both reds together. Both blacks to ground. 7 MHz square. Plus a 1 terra Hz pulse. Emitted inside the signal. The terra Hz pulse is relativistic speed. Catches already transmit 7 MHz squares. Generates fase effects of gamma x-ray and UvC. Looks to oxygenate powerfully. ( Effect watt should be low). Can be very effective. Does it interfere with ozone. Depletion? Rather powerful effect when transmitting. Setting 27 Mhz. A 27 Mhz square. B 26.999 800 Mhz square. Set sync start or burst. Hop set productive.


Upgrade on the 4 exo Hz oxygen resonance. Dual ch OCC. A ch 10 MHz square. B 9.999 999 999 940 MHz square. 4 exo Hz. Each Ch through their own amplifier. Same type. Similar length in system. Joined to antenna one pole. Fased together. Trim end numbers of B fore calibration. Calibrated by measuring electron volt. 500 wats plus 500 wats. Don't over do it. Mind ozone layer.

Start with 10 plus 10 watts. E volt poweful.



Frequency 1 to 2 peta hz.

A ch 10 Mhz square. Plus B 9.999 999 912/920 Mhz square. Or same wave. At virus size may work. Virus size often is 1 to 4 peta hz. Therfore uvc do deinfect? Virus size calculate. 500 terra hz meningitis. A 10 Mhz sine. B 9.999 999 500 Mhz sine. May be counter productive. Aids and corona if Aids. 10 Mhz plus 9 999 999 940 Mhz. Sines. Set this with 4 clips together at outer back drawn antenna plug. Two plus two. Equal lenght in reds. 4 clips. Second set squars at uvc. Virus may vibrate with uvc modulation. Mostly only the virus gets uvc. Calculate sizes and test. May be counterproductive. Viruses need sine to vibrate to destruction. Heating plus antenna effect targetted with also uvc.


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