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Does it exceed recommended daily alcohol limit?


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2 hours ago, kenny1999 said:

approx. 200ml 13-14% alcohol by volume every day, does it exceed daily alcohol limit recommended?

Somewhat. The UK recommended max. weekly consumption for men is 14 units, a unit being 10g of alcohol. What you describe is 2.7units/day which is a bit over this.

I have a particular interest in this as I have a tendency to a heart arrhythmia (A Fib) and so I need to manage my alcohol intake, which I control to ~12 units/week. It is also advisable to ensure you have several days per week when you do not drink alcohol. This gives your liver and other organs a chance to recover from its effects.   My practice is to consume 3-3.5 units per night, on Friday Saturday and  Sunday (i.e. 1 bottle usually French wine), and then no alcohol Mon-Thur, except sometimes one mid week beer (2 units). Having some nights when you have no alcohol are also beneficial as you tend to get better quality sleep. 

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It also depends on what is considered to be "safe". In toxicological studies a safe level is often defined as a concentration that is at the NOAEL (No Observed Adverse Effect Level), meaning that the experimentally there is no association with increased adverse effects due to exposure at the given level.

However, increasingly studies suggest that there is likely no safe level for alcohol. I.e. any exposure is associated with an increase (if ever so slightly) with adverse effects. There is still a lot of discussion due to the complexity of the issue and the fact that we cannot really easily do long-term exposure studies in humans but recommendations are shifting, because of some of those findings.

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