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Doubt about photon


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8 hours ago, kidaskingquestion said:

In classical physics we know photon emits when electron move from higher to lower state but in nuclear fusion photon emits when neutron turn into proton. Is both correct?


A neutron decaying into a proton does not produce a photon; you get the neutron, proton, positron electron and neutrino antineutrino. Fusion reactions, though, can involve excited nuclei and nuclear de-excitations can produce photons. Also particle-antiparticle annihilations, as well as acceleration of charged particles, in addition to the electron (atomic) transition.

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13 hours ago, swansont said:

Yep. Misplaced the reaction under discussion..

..and you should write "free neutron". Neutrons bound in nuclei can also decay by double beta decay (rarely double beta decay neutrinoless) e.g. Uranium-238 into Plutonium-238 (it is rare decay mode). https://www.google.com/search?q=Uranium-238+double+beta+decay



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