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How hard would you have to punch a chicken to cook it thoroughly?


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This is the Physics section, and punching is kinetic energy, so if we know how many joules a single punch generates, we can multiply to cook a chicken.

For the actual physicists, it might be more of a challenge (and funnier) to figure out how hard a single punch would have to be in order for air resistance to cook the chicken.

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If you punched it hard enough to fling it into a parabolic trajectory, say upwards about 50 miles, then that would impart sufficient velocity to cook it thoroughly, wouldn't it?  

Or are we allowed to use a small tactical nuke to deliver the punch?

I hope I'm giving this the seriousness it deserves.

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Your punch velocity needs to be: 3725.95mph



Now, should you ever wish to cook a steak by dropping it from a great height (instead cooking a chicken by punching or slapping it), the required height depends on the level of doneness you prefer (rare, medium, well done). 



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1 hour ago, iNow said:

Unfortunately that analysis doesn’t appear to account for thawing the chicken, or any thermal losses while you are slapping it.

Also “For chickens this so called specific heat is 3.35 kJ per kg of chicken per degree Celsius.” according to https://www.poultryworld.net/poultry/overheated-chick-calculations/



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