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Science Facts


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Some Amazing Science Facts
  • The oceans produce the majority of the oxygen on Earth. ...
  • Soil is full of life. ...
  • Bananas are radioactive. ...
  • Water can exist in three states at the same time. ...
  • Helium has the ability to work against gravity. ...
  • Humans have inherited genes from other species. ...
  • Human Body. ...
  • Animals and Insects.
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All the same. You're likely just a badly programmed bot. Your other threads here and here suffer the same problem. A waste of bandwidth. 


This isn't news, isn't interesting, isn't precisely correct, and also isn't a great way to start a thread. What, exactly, do you wish to discuss? As it stands, your OP looks like graffiti. 

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Moderator Note

This is a discussion forum. You need to go start a blog somewhere. 

You are teasing things here, as if you are going to link to another site. Don’t.

Please review the rules, paying special attention to the ones on soapboxing and advertising.

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