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Piping Water From Flooded Areas to Drought Areas?


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Has anyone ever heard of any plans to transport water from flooded areas to drought-stricken areas?  What would it cost to transport huge quantities of water a thousand miles?  Maybe cheaper than desalinating sea water?  The experts always stress conservation and water recycling.  Every drop of rainwater needs to be saved.  Every house in drought areas should be designed to channel rainwater down drains around the house for storage under the house.  Parking lots, streets, and sidewalks in cities could also channel and save rainwater in underground storage.

"But moving vast quantities of water is not simple or cheap, and thus not realistic, experts say. Mostly, it's too costly and political.   However, these dreamed-up concepts show that a quiet water crisis is getting more desperate."

Too wacky? Moving water from flood to drought (phys.org)

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