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Rooting hormones, methods and other magic... [botanics]


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It is claimed as possible, people does it or so they say, applying a magic powder/compound this-or-that-and-that-too, on such moon phase 'after a rain' to a cut twig, roots develop and then is planted on soil.  Nice.

OK.  I want to do that to a 10cm diametre branch 6 metres long cut off from a very mature 15m tall productive healthy mulberry tree.  What is to consider for success ?  Or needs the expertise of only an experienced expert with green thumbs ?   Is it not science where you do one thing and the result comes as expected ?

Yes, I want a tree producing fruit in my backyard much sooner than waiting 5-10 years.   The secret, please ?


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4 hours ago, Externet said:

What is to consider for success?

I honestly think that the your chance of success in rooting a 36 foot long limb from a tree is completely dependent on your success in finding the magic powder you mentioned.

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Mulberry tree are very fast and easy to propagate.

If you just cut a 2 foot tip from the tree branch and pop it into a pot of soil,  keep watered it will sprout roots very quickly and should bear fruit within its 1st year. They grow fast and are quite hardy. No rooting hormone or fancy magic needed for them.

I have 8 started from before winter and every one has buds and roots come spring. Might help to keep the cutting out of very hot dry conditions for a few weeks.

I've never tried such a huge branch, not needed, but you could try reducing that by half and giving it a try as well as the tips as an experiment. Younger, new wood should work better though and the speed of growth is very good.

It helps if you strip all leaves except the those on the top tips of your cutting.

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