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What is your favorite CAD design software and why?

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It really depends on what you application is. If you're looking for a general CAD solution and can afford it, I'd say SolidWorks. I have juggled back and forth from SolidWorks and Fusion360 for around 4 years. If money was no object I would use SolidWorks hands down. The macro functionality alone makes it worth it. When I used it heavily in the DoD I had a "toolbox" of macros to create automatic 2D & 3D drawings (i.e. gears, splines, airfoils). You don't need an internet connection to run SolidWorks and the assembly functionality is much more robust.

They offer an educational version for $50/Year or something, but you of course cant capitalize on any of your designs using it. 

I eventually broke down and just started using Fusion360. It's pretty polished but can be clumsy at times. I like that I can access projects from anywhere. They're starting to implement more "pay-to-play" features and you can only have 10 active parts at a time (ridiculous). Now that I'm a student it's plenty to build apparatuses or rack components. 

But be warned with Fusion360, if multi-page and robust drawings are necessary for your work. They only allow you to create one page at a time and its maddening.  


They now have 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for makers that looks like its $100 a year and pretty feature dense. 

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