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Depression is probably not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain


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A mental status, like Siamese Twins, goes hand in hand with environmental circumstances.

Because man reacts to stimuli that excite whatever areas in the brain, the corresponding areas accordingly respond by synaptic action through secreting chemicals in line with the triggers that underlie the conditions that circumscribe the environmental circumstances.

In my opinion, the issue’s not so much about the what but rather, the how of this article https://bigthink.com/neuropsych/depression-serotonin/.

And to our colleague who’s said that, “I have ADHD and ASD, I Am terrible at expressing myself. Please don't take everything I say literally! I read millions of articles... I Am open to all possibilities and don't have definitive opinions. And if evidence says otherwise, I will change my positions! Thank you for understanding!” for all it’s worth, hang in there; painful world, but what can I say to ease your situation?

I understand and am sorry for your pain.


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Is there something you don't agree with and if so, can you be more specific? 

So not only you leave out what you mean, but then you start with personal attacks...

LOL these forums suck! No one discuss here anything objectively...

I don't want your sympathies... do you have to say anything of any relevance?

Just in case if you get offended and discussion takes even worse turn (because people here have thin skin): because why do you speak of my personal issues, I went here to share news, if I wanted to talk about my psychological issues I go to psychology forum, no offense taken, but it is like wtf?




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2 hours ago, Ni Mimi. said:

In my opinion


Moderator Note

This isn't about your opinion. If you have relevant information to share, do so, but in threads like this we're here to discuss science.

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Point taken: my apologies for being empathic – but nevertheless, why did you’ve to share something so personal if it couldn’t evoke some sentimentalism in others – “I went here to share news,” your words, not mine.

So, “LOL these forums suck! No one discuss here anything objectively...," were you objective?

Nobody needs to know about your mental status if you assume some people can’t consider them along personal lines.

Concerning what I meant, I think my statement, “In my opinion, the issue’s not so much about the what but rather, the how," is self-explanatory.

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Posted (edited)

I thought i was banned LOL.

I don't even know what you are saying... You don't understand how bad this is, it is derealizing how mindless other ppl are...

Because I was called names for posting something which was correct and ridiculed, i posted this article about ADs into science news, because you were wrong and yet you were offensive for no reason and yet hypocritical accussing me of something you are doing yourself... You say talking about science, i said literally nothing wrong at start and was bullied for no reason, but you are in group so you have other ppl back you up without reading anything... 

You are bunch of bullies, I was even told that I Am creating new accounts and to not spam, while had like 68 comments on 2.5 years account. That's just show how ridiculously arrogant you are... I did not make new accounts...

And also my post were banned and some elitists were laughing, that if depression is not chemical imbalance: "what it would be?", while even APA never held this hypothesis and scientists which came with it laughed at it... This just show you are uneducated...

No one under 160IQ can even understand me, you are just salty... I get that all the time even from 140/150IQs, but from 160IQ I can have polite conversation. If I was delusional, then this couldn't happen, it is inconsistent! I know you won't believe me, you are here only to circle jerk your own egos..

Gifted have no break, normal ppl are cruel, abusive, barbaric... I literally read others have same problems, you just couldn't understand. I had chat over 1000 pages with 160IQ 4 areas of science and philosophy and he told me i am extremely intelligent, deal with it...

You were wrong and you yet accused me ahead of something, that wasn't even true and you act like high school teenagers...

Doesn't matter everything is one whole, only biggest geniuses that ever lived thought so, if you don't overcome your ego, we will torture each other forever... We should make it like sport, to have fun and make it fun for everyone and using selfish-altruism elevating other ppl with us, instead of trying to push them down. I talked to some 160IQ, can't get job after 1000 application after cleared record, because Pharmas are nothing but criminal syndicates...

Look what happen on other forums, you would have to be most self deluded ppl ever to still talk the way you do after reading this: https://www.scienceforums.com/topic/38439-is-this-science-forums-dying/#comment-395814

99.9% ppl can't even engage with argument of other side, look at Eliezer Yudkowski, he is called doomer and names for just doing science, this is bullying... ANd what he says is besides the point, not many ppl can even engage truly with argument, their start from their own point of views and try to justify their pre-existent believes with logical fallacies... As we didn't evolve to know the truth, that is rather statistical fluke, but to sell our truth to others...


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