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Perhaps some evidende against being a brain


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Some deny we have a soul, and that`s kinda okay, but I noticed that no one ever freeses in certain situations that are new, I mean, wouldn`t a brain have to be infinite advanced to never freese in a new situation that it hasn`t encountered before? Yes, like when you find yourself in a completly new situation, but still doesn`t just freese on you, especially when living in a society that`s always changing, this would be a problem you think, so I personally lean more towards that we really are souls that just take in the enviroment without processing it also, more just like take it in, a brain would have to be so complex in order to never freese, yes like almost infinite complex, it kinda sounds a little strange also that we just make up a personality for the outside, so we look real but aren`t, and other stuff also, they can`t explain how we can feel real ether, so I personally think we aren`t a brain, but a soul and this is found in the brainstem, yes they say the breathing is controlled by it the brainsteim, so I don`t think our being is made up from different parts of a brain and brainstem, just working together to form a being, I think our personality and being and soul and breathing, and so fourth, is all found in the brainstem and the brain is only to make hormones and circulate blood, I know when you scan it during different tasks that certain areas light up, but what instead that it lights up because different parts are making different hormones? Most think that nature is only nutrients, but there`s stuff in it also that just makes us feel good, like hormones also, an empty head would trap heat also, that`s why I think it`s mostly for circulating blood, secondary make hormones, what do you think?

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3 hours ago, Overkommer said:

, that`s why I think it`s mostly for circulating blood, secondary make hormones, what do you think?

I think you are in the wrong section of the forum.  This should be in the religion section or new theories.  I also think that we are our bodies and that's it, no soul.

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