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Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome

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A simple question: Why doesn't Tourette Syndrome manifest in written form?

The "illness" is restricted to speech. 

Points to discuss.

1. The written word and the spoken word vis-à-vis our brain's language center.

2. A possible "cure" if, for instance, we can fool the brain of a Tourette person into thinking s/he's writing instead of speaking.

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1 hour ago, Agent Smith said:

Why doesn't Tourette Syndrome manifest in written form?


That's interesting. Maybe it's like stuttering in that sense where they don't repeat the same letters when they're writing. I never stutter when I'm forming my thoughts in my head but very rarely in conversation I might jumble up a word. Replacing what you were going to say with a synonym makes it easier but it might also make the problem more frequent in your self-awareness. Thus many strategies alter the ratio of frequency versus intensity without being perfect cures. If you imagined that you were speaking impersonally to a robot instead of a conscious being then this would be much like writing. However you'd then have to sacrifice a lot of your metaphysical awareness which might be a Pyrrhic victory. You might solve one problem by creating another!

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Are we certain that Tourette's doesn't manifest in writing YOU GRAVY LICKING PIG BASTARD!?

Jesting aside, most Tourette's involves tics like throat clearing or excess blinking, and not speech, so writing wouldn't impact it in any way.   The form of Tourette's highlighted by popular media, called coprolalia, is actually quite rare.  

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