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The Consciousness Question (If such a question really exists)

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On 4/19/2022 at 1:45 PM, geordief said:

Posting this in General Philosophy if that fits.

My question is this:

"Is there any kind of a test (perhaps along the lines of the Turing test) that we could administer to a sentient creature (or a machine) that would allow us to define or determine whether or not the said subject was actually  conscious?

I don't know,but it seems a central feature of my existence that I tell myself that I do  possess consciousness but I cannot see a way to verify this other than to take it as a matter of a priori belief.


Could there be any possible tests or is it just the Turing test that might be applicable?


Apologies if this question has been asked before(said sarcastically as there is apparently no emoji for that)

You can be aware of which consciousness state you reside in…if you have awareness that is.

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