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Web application search query journey explanation


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For a project I was asked to present a slide in which it is explained how a web application is serving a search query to a random user that typed a word in a search bar of a website like ebay or amazon.
Each step from the typing of the user to the search bar providing the results page should be mentioned with the timing of each event.

Can anyone help me with this, I find it pretty demanding.

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This one okay?

Customers connect via the AWS route 53 DNS service to a website running on Amazon Cloud Front. When a search is made an API request is sent to the Elasticsearch service which returns a result.


ebay used to own Magento but they sold it and probably use some variant of it. They are using google cloud and openstack now https://www.itnews.com.au/news/do-not-fear-the-cloud-ebay-migrates-113bn-marketplace-454066 as opposed to AWS for Amazon.

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