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Things you didn't know about God


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2 hours ago, TheVat said:

It's no accident that desert cults like Christianity had prophets who preached communist values and egalitarianism, and pushed back against materialism and wealth acquisition.  It's interesting to see how such a religion gets later coopted by economic/political entities and gradually starts to shy away from collectivism and embrace mercantilism and then capitalism. 

Substitute Karl Marx for Jesus and Communism for Christianity, and you have the same results, but much more recent.
Every institution can be perverted by unscrupulous people for their own ends.

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21 hours ago, Peterkin said:

True: not all examples of God's use and approval of the death penalty were presented in the OP. One would have to be far more conversant with the bible than mistermack appears to be,

Guilty. I was brought up Catholic, and the Catholic church still doesn't encourage bible reading. They would rather tell you the bits that suit their own narrative than have you read it for yourself. That's why they killed people for translating it, years ago. 

Popes were very happy to apply capital punishment, back then. 

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