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Retention time calculator for peptides

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If you know formula, you can use Excel or Open Office Spreadsheet..

If you don't know formula, but know website which is giving correct results, press ctrl-u to show HTML and JavaScript source code, and then find it, and copy it to Spreadsheet.


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I am not aware of web-based tools. Most that I have used require some time of database of retention times for time correction and many are integrated into certain packages (such as Skyline). There are also others, including commercial packages,  but I never used any of them

Ultimately I found it easier to just create your own database using reference standards as the predictions were not super accurate and I found them most useful except to screen out compounds (might be different for you application). But especially with modified peptides things are tricky.

I faintly recall an open source model that was called OPERA-RT (I think). But have no experience with it.

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