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Ubuntu Problem


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I tried the default Ubuntu CD on my testing computer but it wouldn't load the GUI. I was wondering if you guys might have any suggestions.



Intel 945GNT mobo (using onboard video)

Pentium D 820

2gb 667mhz RAM

300gb HD on SATA

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The GUI won't load. Well can we assume that the CD is not corrupt? And that the installation was sucessfull?


If it was all installed properly then a compatability issue or configuration problem is the most probable.

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Installation went fine. The error is an X-Windows error, and it asks me if I want to look at the full details, but the details didn't seem too relevant. I assume it's missing drivers for the on-board video for the 945GNT motherboard chipset. Considering it's one of the mainstream chipsets, I would imagine this is a very fixable problem. Unfortunately I don't know anything about X-Windows configuration or the Ubuntu support system (I ran a couple of searches over there and struck out).


If anything it's probably a good thing -- a chance to learn something new, and all that. I just need a little pointing in the right direction, really. Thanks guys.

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That's probably where it'll tell you the error is...


OK, your graphics card chipset (onboard) is:


Video Intel® GMA950 onboard graphics subsystem.


I can't find it listed in the ubuntu wiki for supported architectures but it does give 3 generic onboard graphics systems :|


If I where you I'd go to ubuntuforums.com and post the error, you system spec including the above graphics chipset, and the contents of .xsession-errors

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Ok, I see the forums now -- they're actually kinda hard to find from their web page (and it's .org rather than .com, btw). I'll register and post the error there. I see a couple of posts from other people using the 945 chip set, but they don't appear to be asking about the on-board video.


It'll have to wait a bit. After I got the error I ghosted the workstation back to normal WinXP mode, and then the hurricane came through and knocked down my server and I lost my ghost image store. (They're sitting on the hard drive, I just need to get the server back up and running.)


But I appreciate the help -- it'll be interesting to get this going. :)

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