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Can lisp do everything java can do?


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These two languages were designed for different purposes, and work according to different paradigms, so they are not easily comparable. There will be things that are easier to implement in LISP, and other things that are easier to do in Java; it really depends on what you are trying to achieve. 

I did some LISP programming back in the 80s on an Atari ST - I never warmed to the language, I found it tedious and obtuse, and quite hard to learn; but maybe that’s just because I was too used to BASIC, C, Modula-2, and Assembler.

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22 hours ago, MigL said:

I haven't seen LISP referenced since the 80s either.
At that time I also used the Atari ST, and learned Forth on it.

I have quite fond memories of my years on the Atari ST...for all its faults it was nonetheless a great machine, with a nice community of users around it. I taught myself to program on it, in several languages. I was really into it at the time!

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