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Hurricane Katrina now Cat 5


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the water breached a levee in new orleans east- there's a big chunk of land there under 8-10 feet of water. apparently there are bodies floating in the water there and at least 200 people or so waiting for rescue from their roof. just about no one has power and it could be out for a month. no news on when anyone will be able to get back.


personally, i don't know what's happening with my home. all i know is that a building was destroyed less than 5 miles from my house. no idea if there is any flooding, though. my 80-year-old neighbor stayed behind and we can't get in touch with him. your prayers are appreciated.

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APOD has an incredible picture of Katrina' date=' taken this afternoon by GOES 12.




I can't get over the size of the thing. At one point the feeder bands were stretching from Cancun, Mexico to Gainesville, Florida (way north of Orlando). Unbelievable.[/quote']


I think I will use that in my enviromental lecture course (to show hurricanes always rotate anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere). The previous piccy I showed last year wasn't nearly as good.

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another levee broke last night- water's going to rise untit it reaches the level of lake pontchartrain- which is at 3 feet above sea level. the entire east bank of the city will be under water in a few hours.

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