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Should artificial foods replace the foods that are made of animal??


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Did you guys hear that news: scientist have successfully cultivate artificial meats by a tiny single cell of mammals and so on. So that means even vegetarians can try on those foods in near future. This thing not only solve the problem of people needing food all over world but also we will eat the foods that are unlikely illed.


Because while those scientists cultivate those food, they can change the substances in there. And meat is often the reason that causes some diseases in our bodies; once those foods have been genetically modified and created as artificial food, we can eat as many meats as we want without worrying how many animals will be "extinct."


That is cool, huh? We love animals, and we don't want to kill them. So I assume in near future there will be many foods that are artificially made being sent and packed into many food-services.

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