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To Explore Strange New Worlds


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Have you ever thought about going to a recently discovered M-class planet?

If you were to lead such a mission, what would be your concerns, considerations, objectives and reservations?

What protocol would you put in place -

- on approach

 - on establishing orbit

 - on landing

 - on first encounter with a local life-form


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I'm English/human, so I'll revert to type:

On approach, can I live there and do the locals have gun's?

On establishing orbit, can I land safely?

On landing, I immediately plant a flag and claim ownership...

On first encounter with a local life-form, I inform them of my ownership of their planet...

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Putting my space ship in orbit, I would first establish if life existed on this planet, if not already known.

If that was found to be factual, the next step would be to research at what level of evolutionary status this life had reached.

If there were complicated structures and cities equivalent to Earth based cities etc, then I would probably conclude that their evolutionary status was near or at a level of humans or above.

If that was the case, then I would first try and make contact, establishing that we come in peace, and ask permission to land so as we can discuss the pros and cons of our differences, and conduct all necessary science to learn further about this new world.

If it was found that a species existed similar to ancient stone age humans, I would I imagine, have an important decision to make... either establish the Star Trek protocol and let them be, or land, try to communicate with them, and help establish a relationship of genuine trust, and act to further there path of evolution. And again  conduct all necessary science to learn further about this new world.

If on the other hand, the planet was devoid of any life, or with a more simple, less evolutionary stage of life, then landing, taking possession of that planet or particular land form on that planet, with emphasis on protecting as much as possible, what life does exist. And again  conduct all necessary science to learn further about this new world.

I would be obliged to keep in mind, all I have learnt about humanities own troubled voyages of discovery, and the terrible  exploration and discovery on our own planet Earth, when the Americas were founded with disregard to the existing humanity, and the discovery of Australia with the same similar disregard to the more ancient forms of humanity that existed there, and lead eventually to the extinction of certain races of that culture.

Then I would continue on, exploring and going where no man has gone before. And all the time  conducting all necessary science to learn further about our galaxy and beyond.

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