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Hello everybody, I'm new here. My name is Santiago. I pass the last four years exclusively working in my book of philosophy. I did this due to our global situation as species. I think, it was the best I could do with my time for trying to avoid our extinction. My book is basis on the classic of religion and philosophy. In fact is working out a linkage between the Republic and the Revelation, for me those are almost the same, despite their styles are completely different. My intention was to try to find a social model than permits us to keep existing and to reach a better level of civilization. The book touches all things related to civilization, from energy production and consumption, politics, urbanism, economics, religion, space, science and so forth... I hope you will enjoy it, like I enjoyed it. In case you like it, then don't hesitate to share it with everybody and to keep developing it by you own. I think, we need it. Nevertheless from now one, you have me here for debating any of my ideas in case you will consider, it worth to do so. I let you the link here for you can downloaded my book. Size 5.9m due to a series of folio on it.

Kindregards from Port Orli Vanuatu.


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