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Why were the early 2010s so vapid and anti intellectual?


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I recall back in the early 2010s society lost interest in space and sci fi.






I was just a young idealistic college student back then and most students seemed more interested in reality shows, materialism, and partying.


I look back and find it appalling how vapid it was.


Why did we lose interest in space? Why did society felt they had to choose between popularity and intelligence? Why did society stopped being encouraged to push themselves intellectually?


Why not be athletic, fun loving, and smart? Like those astronauts.





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17 minutes ago, CmdrShepSpectre2183 said:

I recall back in the early 2010s society lost interest in space and sci fi.

I don't remember that at all, and I was there. I remember more interest in space and science fiction than ever before. I remember Firefly best of all, just before that time, and the excitement it generated for the next decade. 

I have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't look at any of your links or videos. Your premise isn't sound, imo, and it's too generalized to have any real meaning. Really, the whole beginning of the decade was vapid and anti-intellectual?

There's been an anti-intellectual movement in the US ever since the Scopes Trial. And since WWII we've had the working class mad at the young college-educated managers that start at higher salaries than workers with decades of experience.

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