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Big Five Openness

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59 minutes ago, Hans de Vries said:

it was created by two women with no experience in psychometrics.

Yes, I knew that.

59 minutes ago, Hans de Vries said:

Big 5 and HEXACO are created by professional psychologists

So was the ice-water bath to cure hysteria, but that didn't work and had to be replaced by lobotomy and elctro-shock therapy, which didn't always work either.

Does being invented by professors automatically make something scientific? Have the results of the two products (as distinct from authors' credentials) been compared in scientific studies? I mean the kind where you make a prediction based on a theory, then set up an experiment to test it. Is there any  measure of the accuracy of either method from outside the psychometrics community? 

Does  'scientific' = 'accurate'?  For that matter, where do psychology and psychometrics rank on the rigour scale of sciences?

Is there literature on this?

I don't know the answers - I'm skeptical about the validity of all personality classification and testing.

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