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Is it OK to delete C:\hiberfil.sys?

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delete C:\hiberfil.sys?

...You might get "access denied"..

Copied from the net:

"The default size of hiberfil. sys is approximately 40% of physical memory on the system. If you want to disable hibernate mode without turning off Fast Startup, you can reduce the size of the hibernation file (hiberfil. sys) to about 20% of your RAM in Windows 10."


"How do I change the size of my Hiberfil sys?

Change the size of hiberfil. sys in Windows 10

Open Command Prompt as administrator.

Type the following command-

powercfg /hibernate /size <percentage>

Hit Enter."


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Do not delete the file, unless you know exactly the consequences.

I did on my first computer after owning it for a week, it couldn't start any more, I had to (learn to) reinstall everything including said hibernation file and Windows 95, it took me two desperate weeks at a time Internet wasn't available and no computer freak existed in the vicinity.

On my laptop, the Bios checked for that one file and wouldn't start Windows without the file. In addition, the means to create the file destroyed the rest of the disk contents.

Meanwhile, Windows may also create a hiberfil.sys, but I wouldn't take the risk. To the very least, make absolutely sure that the file isn't needed by the Bios.

More generally, if a file is needed by a program, it's better to use some tuning provided by said program than to delete the file, which would have consequences, possibly at a time when you've forgotten the deletion and made other changes.

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